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The Pretence [signed hardcover] by Ramsey Campbell

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A NOVELLA by Ramsey Campbell
EDITION: Hardcover
COVER ART: Pete Von Sholly
PRINT RUN: 100 signed and numbered copies

Paul Slater has been offshore to reassure his mother about the prediction that the media made so much of, but now he’s home with his wife and children. Why should any of them worry when it’s already the day after the prediction was meant to come true? Surely their life is the way it always was, and they just need to keep it normal—there’s the school concert, and computers for Melanie to repair, and Paul’s job in the bookshop music department. Surely the sun will come out soon, and if not they can go away to find it at the weekend. Paul doesn’t need to worry about people interrogating him or anyone being taken away for talking too much. He only needs to remember what he has to remember, and then it will keep them all safe . . .