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The Ritual of Illusion [signed hardcover] by Richard Christian Matheson

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A NOVELLA by Richard Christian Matheson
EDITION: Hardcover
COVER ART: Harry O. Morris
PRINT RUN: 250 Signed & Numbered

A sinister love letter to the movies, acclaimed author Richard Christian Matheson’s The Ritual Of Illusion is a novella of modern fear about where stars truly come from. Oscar-winning film siren, Sephanie Vamore, meteors to iconic fame . . . but like cinema itself, nothing is as it appears. The fifty witnesses to her mythic ascent and bizarre fate are film royalty . . . many based on Hollywood glitterati; directors, stars, agents, studio heads, screenwriters, lovers, producers.

Widescreen with lies and revelation, Vamore’s story is told Rashomon-style with dialogue alone—each hypnotic character adding poignant or lurid details to the shocking truth of what she really is. Matheson’s insider’s voice is a scathing x-ray that leaves them bloodied, awaiting their close-up.
* * * * *

“There are, occasionally, writers who are able to combine both story and style. They are, of course, the best. You get a spectacular view and you also get to look at it from the backseat of a chauffeur-driven Cadillac. In the field of fantasy, those writers able to combine story-as-narration with story-as-style are even rarer. But there are a few...the late Theodore Sturgeon, the early Ray Bradbury...and Richard Christian Matheson. A brilliant chip off the old block.” —Stephen King

“One of a handful of fear-minded authors helping to create a new sensibility in horror fiction that is as frightening and merciless as the modern world itself.” —Rolling Stone

“The gift of a new longform work by Matheson is always an event to be celebrated and indeed celebrity burns at the heart of THE RITUAL OF ILLUSION. Dizzying, kaleidoscopic.” —David J. Schow

“A man who writes stories like these is a dangerous man.” —Dean Koontz