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We Three Kids [hardcover] by Margo Lanagan

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A NOVELETTE by Margo Lanagan
CATEGORY Science Fiction

EDITION:Hardcover with printed endpapers
COVER ART: David Gentry
ISBN 978-1-848637-03-0

That’s when they trapped us, those star-children. After that moment, we couldn’t say no to them; we could only offer them the shelter of our home, and let them do whatever on earth they wanted.

Three strange, carefully wrapped infants appear on a Bethlehem rubbish heap—local girl Leah doesn't like their looks, but her little sister Shoshana insists on bringing them home.
That night, in a stable across town, a woman goes into labour. Hers is a very special baby, announced by angels, its birthplace marked by a star. But her husband Yoseph looks into baby Emmanuel's eyes and wonders, is this really the Son of the Lord, or just of a simple carpenter?

And then the visitors arrive.
Margo Lanagan's Christmas novelette is a dance along the border between faith and fantasy. Which side will you fall down on?