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World Fantasy Convention 2013 [Souvenir Coffee Table Book] ed by Stephen Jones

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We’ve persuaded horror wunderkind Stephen Jones (yeah, I know, I know . . . but I’m older than he is so he’s a wunderkind to me!) to let us offer those PS readers who couldn’t attend last year’s World Fantasy Convention in Brighton a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bag themselves a copy of the Convention souvenir coffee table book (edited, compiled and lovingly overseen by Steve and designer Michael Marshall Smith and printed under the supervision of PS).

But, waitaminnit . . . it’s just another Convention book, right? Wrong! Listen: this mutha is to Convention books what the CE3K mother ship was to stones skimmed across a lonely woodland pond. Get a load of this:

  • an article on fantasy fiction by Neil Gaiman;
  • two huge articles on the late great Richard Matheson, one by his son, R.C. and the other by William F. Nolan (a lifelong chum of Ray Bradbury and himself no slouch when it comes to scribbling or even co-scribbling the occasional classic [have you read Logan’s Run? Come on!]);
  • a discussion between Nolan and Matheson Snr.;
  • a piece on Matheson Jnr. by his dad (one of the last things Richard wrote before he died);
  • a collaborative short story followed by a collaborative teleplay from the two Matheson pens;
WFC2013.jpegWFC2013 1.jpegWFC2013 2.jpeg
  • a celebration of Joanne Harris by Christopher Fowler;
  • a short story from Joanne;
  • “How I Became The Warm-up Act For Joe Hill” by yours truly;
  • Joe reflecting on ‘great books’ he has read;
  • the lowdown on the magnificent artwork of Alan Lee (along with a gallery of some of his finest works;
WFC2013 4.jpegWFC2013 5.jpegWFC2013 6.jpeg
  • a poignant yearning for the Lost Fogs of yesteryear by Arthur Machen followed by S.T.Joshi’s tip-of-the-hat to the great man which leads into three (count 'em and weep) Machen short-shorts *and* Tessa Farmer’s closer on the fairies of Machen; which, in turn, leads us into
  • Louise Stern’s celebration of artist Tessa Farmer’s rather horrific fairies . . . with remarkable examples of her work;
  • Brian Aldiss’s fond recall of his tales of Whip Donovan followed by an appreciation by Stephen Baxter of Brian’s contribution to the field which, in turn leads into the title short-short in Brian’s new PS collection, The Invention of Happiness;
  • A celebration by Robert Lloyd Parry of M.R. James’s Ghost Stories of an Antiquary which leads into James’s unforgettable ‘The Ash-Tree’; and
  • China MiĆ©ville’s thoughts on the fiction writer as a ‘Golem-maker’ . . .