A Study in Scarlet | The Hound of the Baskervilles [Hardcover] by Arthur Conan Doyle

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COLLECTION by Arthur Conan Doyle
PUBLICATION Reader's Digest

Hardcover - two Sherlock Holmes novels in one volume, illustrated with black and white drawings plus an afterword by G K Chesterton.

A tired and battle scarred surgeon returns to London after being wounded in the third Afghan war. After his money starts to run low, a chance encounter leads him to take a flat with an eccentric man at 221B Baker Street. Thus begins the famous crime-solving partnership of the Holmes and Watson duo.   

The first of the Sherlock Holmes stories, this was also the first of Conan Doyle's books to be published. In this fascinating and exciting tale, the two towering creations of detective fiction--Holmes, the master of the science of detection, and Watson, his faithful companion--make their auspicious debut. The two detectives are immediately in fine form as Holmes plucks the solution to the mystery from the heart of Victorian London.
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Product Code 9.78E+12
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