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Ad Eternum [signed hardcover] By Elizabeth Bear

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ad eternum
Signed PC hardcover by Elizabeth Bear

Subterranean Press is proud to announce the capstone novella to the New Amsterdam series. The signed limited edition of ad eternum includes not only the novella proper, but an additional 9,000 word chapbook, “Underground.”


For centuries, the wampyr has drifted from one place to another. From one life to another. It's 1962, and he's returned to New Amsterdam for the first time since he fled it on pain of death some sixty years before. On the eve of social revolution, on the cusp of a new way of life, he's nevertheless surrounded by inescapable reminders of who he used to be.

For a thousand years, he's chosen to change rather than to die. Now, at last, he faces a different future...

From Publishers Weekly:
“…there are enough incidents and reunions with old acquaintances to prompt Bear’s likable wampyr to insightful reflection on the shortcomings of immortality, and to espouse wisdom that comes from more than one lifetime of having to deal with mortals and their all-too-human natures.”

From SF Signal:
"The writing is top notch: stylish without being hard to consume, descriptive without being padded, and conducive to engrossing the reader into this world... Based on this read of Ad Eternum, I think the New Amsterdam series is worth checking out."