Another Part Of The City [Jacketed Hard Cover] by Ed McBain


A NOVEL by Ed McBain
PUBLICATION Hamish Hamilton Ltd

Jacketed Hard Cover ISBN - 9780241118368 [£10]


"When the affable owner of a checkered-tablecloth restaurant in Little Italy is cut down by the bullets of a pair of ski-masked thugs, 5th Precinct Police Detective Reardon has his hands too full to give a damn about some odd things going on uptown. For instance, why does a noted Madison Avenue art lover suddenly decide to sell his entire collection in an effort to raise a cool million? And why was a well-known Arab oil magnate assassinated?

Almost too late, Reardon sees the connection between the deaths of a multi-millionaire and a small-time restaurateur, and the fluctuations in the international markets for crude oil, fine art, and precious metals. And now that he knows the truth, just how long has he got to live?"