Barfodder [paperback] By Rain Graves

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"Rain Graves writes really nasty poetry. She is a mistress of creating images that stick, the kind that you cannot get out of your mind—not even using steel wool and a small, extremely sharp knife."
—Neil Gaiman

Barfodder: Poetry Written in Dark Bars & Questionable Cafes
by Rain Graves

About the Book:
Worlds created; nightmares given. The universe is a tiny grain of sand, and by turns, it opens up into a revolving world of horrific little poems in Barfodder by Rain Graves.Each poem tells a distinct story—from serial killers, to love and loss, to the raising of Cthulhu in a haiku. Each poem in this collection was inspired by and written in a dark bar or questionable café throughout her travels...called forth by ominous candles, succulent liquors, and velvet curtains to delight the reader with a sensory of dark, demonic, luxurious imagery.

It slides off the tongue like river slime...or a very good port (depending on if you swallow).

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