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GASLIGHT, GHOSTS & GHOULS by R. Chetwynd-Hayes edited by Stephen Jones
FRONT COVER ART 'The Monsters Escape' Les Edwards
BACK COVER ART 'The Monster Club' Walter Velez
FRONTISPIECE Randy Broecker ENDPAPER ART John Bolton and Graham Humphreys

During the 1970s and ’80s, R. Chetwynd-Hayes (1919–2001) was one of the most important horror writers and editors working in Britain. Not only was he happy to write about such genre standards as ghosts, demons, ghouls, vampires and werewolves, but he also delighted in making up his own bizarre monster variations that managed to stretch the imaginations of both author and reader alike.
During his lifetime, Ronald published twenty-four collections of short fiction, twenty-four anthologies (including twelve volumes of the influential Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories series), thirteen novels and more than 220 short stories. His work was adapted for the movies, television, radio and comics, and reprinted in various languages around the world. One of his publishers described him as “Britain’s Prince of Chill”, and his volumes of ghost stories and humo­rous tales of terror once filled the shelves of nearly every public library in the UK.
Now, the celebrate the centenary of his birth, his long-time friend an colleague, World Fantasy Award-winning editor Stephen Jones, has compiled Gaslight, Ghosts & Ghouls: A Centenary Celebration, a stunning volume of stories and non-fiction that truly does justice to R. Chetwynd-Hayes’s work and his enduring legacy.
This massive volume contains sixteen of the author’s highly original tales of terror and the supernatural, which invariably combined horror and humour in equal measure, giving them a style that was uniquely Ronald’s own. These not only include a rare reprint of one of his novellas featuring “the world’s only practising psychic detective” Francis St. Clare and his vivacious assistant Frederica (“Fred”) Masters, but also two tales that have never been reprinted since their original publication, plus a vampire novella that is appearing in print for the very first time!
There is also the longest interview with Ron ever published, conducted by Stephen Jones and Jo Fletcher, and the editor also teamed up with Chetwynd-Hayes aficionado Marc Damian Lawler to compile the most complete and detailed Working Bibliography of the author’s work ever assembled.
Additionally, the book includes a dust-jacket and a full-colour portfolio of book-cover paintings by the masterful Les Edwards, a photographic section with many rare photos that have never been seen before (many supplied by the author’s family), plus two stunning endpapers by John Bolton and Graham Humphreys, and a back cover painting by Walter Velez, all inspired by The Monster Club, the 1980 movie based on Ronald’s stories and starring Vincent Price and John Carradine.

DEAD TROUBLE  by Aidan Chambers
FOREWORD Stephen Jones
COVER ART Les Edwards


I saw a face, bloated, much larger than any face I’d ever seen before. It hung in the air above me, and there was no sign of a body, just the swollen truncated head. The eyes were sunk deep into their sockets. Thick stringy hair fell in tangled knots from the crown of the skull. The skin on the face was blotched with festering patches, as though it had been violently bruised. The lips were drawn wide and taut across the mouth, revealing the teeth and gums so that the head seemed to grin in malice.

Aidan Chambers has been collecting ghost stories for decades. For Dead Trouble & Other Ghost Stories the award-winning author and editor has selected some of his favourite supernatural tales of haunted houses and restless spirits. Inside these pages you will encounter ‘The Nameless Horror of Berkeley Square’, ‘The Ghostly Skulls of Calgarth Hall’, ‘The Mystery Ghost of Amherst, Nova Scotia’ and ‘The Grey Lady of Jarolen House’, to name only a few.
But be warned—you may have trouble deciding between which of these tales are “true” and those that are purely fiction . . .

THE BEST OF T.M. WRIGHT A COLLECTION by T.M. Wright, edited by Steven Savile
COVER ART David Gentry

Here’s the complete line-up

  • Introduction by Steven Savile
  •  Rainy Day People
  •  Circularity
  •  New York Poet
  •  Mr. Death
  •  The Music of the Night
  •  The Man Walking
  •  His Mother’s Eyes
  •  After time
  •  Cradle
  •  At Rikki’s
  •  2035-redux
  •  The House Under the Street
  •  The Lightwater Hawkins Story
  •  The Sign at Vera’s Restaurant
  •  One of those Poems Aging Writers Write
  •  Sunsets in 1962
  •  A Visitor Encounters the Small Screen
  •  Only Two Legs and No Silk
  •  Gratitude
  •  More Middle-aged Craziness
  •  The Godly Greetings of Dogs
  •  Process
  •  The Marybell Women
  •  The People on the Island
  •  All at the End of Mid-evening
  •  Clocking the Moment
  •  Weldon Kees
  •  Tower Man
  •  Tomorrow, 25 Years from Now
  •  The Screamers at the Window
  •  Breakdown
  •  Tomato as Metaphor
  •  Sally Pinup
  •  Otto’s Conundrum


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BUNDLE - 3 GHOST STORIES [hardcovers]

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