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A 4 book collection of signed & numbered SCIENCE FICTION hardcovers

  • RIME [signed hardcover] by Tim Lebbon
  • NEW BALL GAMES OF THE FUTURE [signed hardcover]  by Gregory Benford & Gordon Eklund
  • THE TROUBLE WITH TALL ONES [signed hardcover]  by Ian Watson
  • DISCIPLES OF APOLLO & ICE GARDEN [Signed & Numberd slipcase] by Eric Brown


In search of a new home after the downfall of planet Earth, the massive generation ship Cradle carries seventeen million souls in cryosleep. One man, a control room technician, is part of a generation destined to live and die protecting these sleeping millions.When Cradle encounters five unknown entities in the deepest reaches of interstellar space, he makes a fateful decision that will affect the future of the entire human race. 'Rime' is a powerful retelling of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner set against the cold, inhospitable backdrop of deep space. 

In two long tales, legendary SF masters Gregory Benford and Gordon Eklund pitch the classic baseball story into the future, and on to Mars . . .

The Good of the Game

Come the late 21st century and Mel Crumley stands nearly alone among a hardy dying breed. Mel’s a baseball writer. A veteran scribe, his team the Boston Red Sox, still playing their games in fabled Fenway Park in front of ever-dwindling crowds. But overnight everything changes. A phenom appears as if from nowhere. Sean “Mad Dog” Mulroney, an aging journeyman player, starts hitting baseballs for the Sox as they haven’t been hit in ages. He revives interest in the game, threatening to eclipse baseball’s most cherished record--Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game consecutive hitting streak. But is Mulroney truly a Natural? Or is there something rotten in Fenway Park? In “The Good of the Game” Mel and his blogging partner Maggie Weiss seek the answers, hoping that what they discover won’t in the end also kill the grand old game of baseball forever.

Red Planet Reds

How can humans play baseball on Mars? And why?
Inside a pressure dome, yes. But in lesser gravity, balls travel 2.4 times farther. So the field has to be huge and pitching is weird, too.
The local team, the Mars Reds, needs to get attention, fans. So they challenge the best Earth team to a Solar System Championship series. How can they use Martian tricks against the rich, bulky, seasoned, ground-hugging Earthers? Physics, that’s how. Plus working-class savvy.


Prior to what follows, our plucky quartet of Xiaolong, Zbeth, Yatta, and Ngela—who crew the time machine salvage ship Fibonacci which sets out from Cranberry, Oz, in 2776 Common Era aided by Homer the Artificial Intelligence to salvage time machines gone astray—became involved with tall aliens who left a dozen of their species in stasis cabinets in Antarctica 100K years ago until an asteroid melted Antarctica's ice-cap in 2072 CE. Alas, Ngela perished inside dwarf planet Ceres from a giant spider bite but later turned up alive inside a stasis cabinet due to a 'Bolt mann Brain' from the utterly far future, quite a conjuring trick. Now read on . . .


Collects Eric Brown’s finest short fiction, from the contemporary title story, in which the victims of a terrible malaise retreat to a sequestered island to see out their final months, to the far future of Dark Calvary, set on the dying world of Tartarus Major whose sun is about to go nova. Whether set in space of the future, or Earth of the here and now, Brown’s stories are imbued with a passionate concern for the human condition and the need to deliver compelling narratives.

THE ICE GARDEN & OTHER STORIES gathers eight stories as varied in space and time as they are in theme, and features such tropes as alien visitors, space opera, near future satire, cloning, and even murder-mystery. “Conway and the Aliens” is set in his popular Starship Seasons future, while “Dimensions of Deceit” is the latest tale in the Salvageman Ed series. “The Trees of Terpsichore Three” is a collaboration with Michael Coney. Three stories are original to the volume.


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