BUNDLE - All 7 Best New Horror #25- #31 [trade paperbacks] edited by Stephen Jones

Product code: ALL7BNH
A chance to get ALL seven current trade paperback editions of BEST NEW HORROR. for just £49 plus P&P.

This bundle includes the 25th-anniversary edition BEST NEW HORROR #25 (showcasing some of the very best short horror stories and novellas published in 2013,  an overview of the year in horror by the editors and a nightmare necrology of those who kicked off this mortal coil during that period) along with BNH #26 {2014], BNH #27 [2015]. BNH #28, BNH #29 [2017] , BNH #30 [2018]. and the last ever edition in the series BNH #31 [2019].
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Condition New
Product Code ALL7BNH
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