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A COLLECTION OF SCRIPTS / FILM & TV TREATMENTS Edited by Paul Kane with contributions from Stephen Jones, Michael Marshall Smith, Stephen Gallagher, Axelle Carolyn, Peter Crowther, Muriel Gray & Stephen Laws.

The Cenobites from Hellraiser return to their spiritual home of London for a showdown to end them all, and the legend of the worlds most famous vampire Dracula gets a fresh spin. The ghost of an elderly ladys past returns, while a mysterious old-fashioned TV is rented out. And as a race against time begins, a deadly game of chance takes place Dark Mirages is your chance to read unmade or rare TV/film treatments and scripts from talented writers such as Stephen Jones & Michael Marshall Smith, Stephen Gallagher, Axelle Carolyn, Peter Crowther, Muriel Gray and Stephen Laws. Compiled and edited by Paul Kane (Hellbound Hearts, Beyond Rue Morgue, A Carnivàle of Horror) this is a unique book no genre fan should be without!


A collection of essays concerning the legacy of Nigel Kneale


  • Foreword - Mark Gatiss
  • Introduction - Neil Snowdon
  • King Of Hauntology - Mark Chadbourn
  • The Literary Kneale - Tim Lucas
  • The Quatermass Conception - Stephen Bissette
  • A Conversation With Judith Kerr - Neil Snowdon
  • On Nigel Kneale - Ramsey Campbell
  • The Quatermass Legacy: A Personal Reflection On Kneale And His Influence - David Pirie
  • Creeping Unknown Pt1: Wuthering Heights, The Crunch, Nineteen Eighty Four - Kim Newman
  • Phenomena Badly Observed, And Wrongly Explained: Quatermass, The Pit, And Me - John Llewellyn Probert
  • Under The Influence - Maura McHugh
  • A Conversation With Joe Dante - Neil Snowdon
  • Brief Encounter - Stephen Laws
  • Adaptation And Anger, Or The Nigel Kneale-John Osbourne Synthesis - Richard Harland Smith
  • The Promised End Nigel Kneales Lost Masterpiece from 1963: The Road - Jonathan Rigby
  • A Conversation With Mark Gatiss - Neil Snowdon
  • Cool The Audience, Cool The World: Media, Mind Control & The Modern Family - Kier-La Janisse
  • Pushing The Door He Unlocked: Ghostwatch And The Stone Tape - Stephen Volk
  • Beasts: An Overview - Mark Morris
  • It Would Have Been Suckled, You Know: Beasts And Baby An Appreciation - Jeremy Dyson
  • Quatermass: Rebirth & Ressurection Jez Winship
  • The Quatermass Conclusion: An Interview With Nigel Kneale - David Sutton.
  • Creeping Unknown Pt2: Kinvig Kim Newman
  • In Pursuit Of Unhappy Endings: Chris Burt & Herbert Wise on The Woman In Black - Tony Earnshaw
  • Wheres Kneale When You Need Him- Thana Niveau
  • Creeping Unknown Pt3: Sharpe's Gold & Kavanagh QC - Kim Newman
  • On Wishing For A Nigel Kneale Childhood - Lynda E. Rucker


A COLLECTION of material concerning the making of cult classic film 'The Sorcerers' edited by John Burke

Kirkcudbright, January 2011. My wife and I are standing in the office of John Burke, author of over 150 booksbest known, perhaps, for his tie-in work, including Hammer Horror Omnibus volumes 1 and 2, The Man Who Finally Died, Dads Army, A Hard Days Night and Dr Terrors House of Horrors. While John is in his wheelchair, struggling with a blue and white cardboard boxfile (stubbornly not accepting any help), I am looking in wonder at the very first book I edited, which contains two stories by John. Back From the Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories is sandwiched between two collections, those of M.R. James and H.P. Lovecraft. Its a strange but very humbling feeling.

You might be interested in seeing this, John says, placing the box on his desk. I turn around and look at what is written on the side in calligraphy pen.
I open the box and pull out the screenplayTerror For Kicks, Johns original name for the film. I look through it, seeing where things had changed in Michael Reeves finished film, as well as lines that I recognise. My hands are trembling. I pass the screenplay to my wife and delve deeper into the box, bringing out letters that John had written to Michael Reeves regarding the screenplay, contracts and the treatment for the film.

Not only did I come up with the initial idea, I wrote the screenplay. Even the shooting screenplay that followed has my name on it, John says quietly.


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