BUNDLE - Movie Magic (8 Books)

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8 hardcover books inspired by the magic of the silver screen for just £49 plus P&P.
  • WE ARE THE MARTIANS A collection of essays concerning the legacy of Nigel Kneale
  • ENGLANDS SCREAMING A COLLECTION of stories with fiction movie characters as a common thread by Sean Hogan
  • STUDIO OF SCREAMS AN ANTHOLOGY of inter-conected stories by Stephen R. Bissette, Mark Morris, Christopher Golden, Tim Lebbon, Stephen Volk.
  • SIX STOOGES AND COUNTING An analysis of the career of the most innovative American comedy acts of the twentieth century by Ramsey Campbell.
  • THE MAN WITH KALEIDOSCOPE EYES A NOVEL about Hollywood when it stood poised between the collapse of the old studio system and the rise of the new independent film movement by Tim Lucas
  • DARK MIRAGES A COLLECTION OF SCRIPTS / FILM & TV TREATMENTS Edited by Paul Kane with contributions from Stephen Jones, Michael Marshall Smith, Stephen Gallagher, Axelle Carolyn, Peter Crowther, Muriel Gray & Stephen Laws.
  • RAMSEY'S RAMBLES The collected reviews from Video Watchdog by Ramsey Campbell.
  • THIS ISLAND EARTH A COLLECTION of stories inspired by the drive-in epics of the 1950s by Dale Bailey.
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