Conversation Hearts [hardcover] By John Crowley

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Conversation Hearts [hardcover] By John Crowley

Subterranean Press

The award-winning author of Little, Big, Engine Summer, and the Aegypt novels has graced us with a touching novelette, Conversation Hearts.

Two worlds, two families, and two intertwined narratives stand at the center of this extraordinary new novelette by one of our finest, most necessary writers. In Conversation Hearts, John Crowley evokes, with absolute precision, the ordinary--and not so ordinary--moments that reflect and illuminate the essential nature of family life. Moving gracefully back and forth between the imaginary planet Brxx and our own familiar Earth, this deeply affecting tale examines the primal importance of stories, while challenging some of our most common misconceptions about those who are “different” and those who are not. With wit, elegance, and abiding compassion, Conversation Hearts celebrates what is both unique and universal in each and every one of us. In the process, it reaffirms Crowley’s position as a modern master, and does what only the finest fiction can do: shows us our world from a fresh, wholly original perspective.

Trade: 1000 cloth bound sewn hardcover edition