Dan Dare. Pilot of the Future. The Red Moon Mystery. (Hardback) compiled by Frank Hampson.


AUTHOR  Compiled by Frank Hampson

PUBLICATION Titan Books  2004.  Library Edition.

Hardcover ISBN No 1-84023-666-3  

Frank Hampson was perhaps best known as the creator and original artist for Dan Dare, but he also illustrated a number of children's books for Ladybird. Dan Dare was 1st published in "The Eagle" in April 1950 and was last published  as an ongoing series in 1996 although Dan had undergone more than a few changes by then.


Abducted by brilliant scientist Galileo McHoo, Dan and co have used his incredible space craft the Galactic Galleon to reach Terra Nova- last known destination of Dan's father, but when the gang stumble into a war between the strange inhabitants of this world will they survive to learn the truth.

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