Darkhouse [Hardcover] by Alex Barclay




A NOVEL by  Alex Barclay
PUBLICATION Harper Collins

Hardcover ISBN 9780007195374  [£10]

SYNOPSIS In this electrifying thrillera bestseller in Great Britain and IrelandAlex Barclay creates a stunning array of contrastsfrom the violence of a cops world to the fragility of an embattled marriage, from the danger of New Yorks gritty streets to the quiet of a seaside Irish village. With brilliance and subtlety, Barclay delivers a nerve-wracking tale of a troubled family, facing a brutal danger rushing relentlessly out of the past.

One year has passed since a kidnapping drama exploded into violence on a New York street. And for NYPD detective Joe Lucchesi, the memory of that terrible moment is still alive. Joes wife, Anna, has brought him and their teenage son to Ireland, hoping to repair their fragile marriageand cut the cord between Joe and the job. But when the girlfriend of their son vanishes, Joe begins to suspect that the crime may have its roots in his old lifeand that someone has followed him all the way there.

An outsider in Ireland, Joe watches with rising apprehension as local cops try to solve the disappearanceand then reacts with fury when his son becomes the leading suspect. Frantically, Joe tries to piece together clues to the crime, certain that a predator has come to Ireland in a twisted act of vengeance. And in a culture he doesnt understand, among people who may or may not be his friends, Joe must find a way to strike backagainst a vicious killer who has Joes family in his sights....

A novel that plunges like a knife, Darkhouse delves into the intimate struggles between a husband and wife, between lovers and desperate friends. Seething with menace and mounting dread, Alex Barclays ingenious tale of a family under siege ratchets up the suspense one shocking revelation at a time as it races to its shattering climax....


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