DELL MAPBACK: And So, To Murder [Paper Back] by Carter Dickson


A DELL MAPBOOK by Carter Dickson
CATEGORY Crime/Mystery 
PUBLICATION Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
EDITION Paper Back

What this mystery is about - 

An innocent-looking WATER BOTTLE containing a
deadly corrosive acid . . . A commonplace MESSAGE on a blackboard which almost sends a girl to destruction . . . A SPEAKING-TUBE which emits not speech but horror . . . A "PRACTICAL HOUSE" on a movie lot which is the setting for a scene which was never in the script . . . A lump of PUTTY thrown straight at a young lady in order to save her life ... A revolver SHOT which smashes a window and also the picture of a preacher . . . Several thousand feet of mysteriously missing MOVIE FILM . . . Murder THREATS written on cheap pink stationery . . . A page of MANU­SCRIPT written in an unbelievable hand ... Fifty harmless CIGARETTES in a red leather box ... An inter-office TELE­PHONE which becomes an instrument of torture.