DELL MAPBACK: Dead Mans Gift [Paper Back] by Zelda Popkin


A DELL MAPBOOK by Zelda Popkin
CATEGORY Crime/Mystery 
PUBLICATION Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
EDITION Paper Back

What this mystery is about

. . . A fantastic WILL which forces five needy people to accept a badge of sin along with a quarter of a million dollars . . . A huge STUFFED BEAR which frighteningly greets visitors to a weird mansion . . . A NIGHT OF TERROR on the upper floor of a house of murder isolated in the midst of a rampaging flood . . . A SLIVE WHISTLE which makes no audible sound but becomes a trump of doom . . . A sinister PINHOLE in a can of rattlesnake meat . . . A long STORY by a garrulous old farmer which eventually uncovers some strange happenings in the past . . . A horrified FACE blinking down from a square in the ceiling upon a bloody spectacle on the floor below . . . A high-school PHYSICS LAB transformed into a jail . . . A womans BODY hanging by the throat from the antlers of a stuffed wapiti.