DELL MAPBACK: Just Around the Coroner [Paperback] by Stuart Brock




A DELL MAPBOOK by Stuart Brock
CATEGORY Crime/Mystery 
PUBLICATION Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
EDITION Paperback

What this mystery is about

. . . Two CORPES that check out of a fashionable hotel the hard way . . . A BLOODY SOUVENIR removed from a corpses chest and carried in a womans handbag . . . Missing JEWELRY that no one has reported lost . . . A wad of long HAIR illogically dyed gray . . . A RECIEPT BOOK that has its owner in a dither by being lost . . . Genuine ANTIQUES that are neatly disguised packages of dynamite . . . A tell-tale wool THREAD near a blob of dried blood . . . A KNOCKOUT BLOW that has a curious story behind it . . . Several unorthodox POST-MORTEM BRIBES . . . A coldly calculated STRIP TEASE that misfires . .  . MAYHEM in a penthouse . . . The discovery of a SORDID SECRET that all but floors a hardened detective . . . A MURDER SOLUTION that winds up with two more cold-blooded murders

YOU will learn the answers in this lively, first rate thriller of murder and double-cross in a fashionable hotel. The story moves at a fast clip and unwinds in a pay-off as exciting and grisly as it is startling.


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