DELL MAPBACK: New York: Confidential [Paperback] by Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer




A DELL MAPBOOK by Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer 
CATEGORY Crime/Mystery 
PUBLICATION Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
EDITION Paperback


This is the New York that's not in the guide booksthe lowdown on the Big Town as only Jack Lait and Lee Mortimer can give it. They take you behind the scenes to explore and expose the denizens and the operations of the raffish half-world of crime, politics, intrigue, and passion. They lead you into swank night clubs and into squalid nests of vice and perversion. They take the lid off Broadway and Swing Lane. They tell the truth about glamour girls, show girls, party girls, models, and the White Way wolves. They sketch many after-dark char­acters who have made the city famous, or infamous.

Here is New York from the inside. This book ignores Grant's Tomb, the Statue of Liberty, and Radio City. Instead it gives you an intimate revelation of what really makes the town tick. The authors have crammed an enormous amount of off-the-record information into its pages. Much of it is on the seamy side, but all of it is teal, and it is undeniably fascinating. It preaches no metal, It simply points out how to get into or stay out of trouble. From that point on you're on y our own. There is o wealth of advice on how to avoid New York's many booby traps. There are many tips for the person who wools to use something besides the tall buildings.  


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