DELL MAPBACK: The Cabinda Affair [Paper Back] by Matthew Head


A DELL MAPBOOK by Matthew Head
CATEGORY Crime/Mystery 
PUBLICATION Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
EDITION Paper Back

What this mystery is about-

. . . A fascinating Portuguese household is the scene of EVIL GOINGS ON ... A curious, lour-million-dollar BUDDY-BUDDY CONTRACT starts a chain of disaster ... A fantastic dinner party ends with a grim bit of SADISM . . . A queer native doll brings on a HEADACHE that really has shape, color, and taste . . . A startling CORPSE appears in an un­expected bed ... An unbelievable EMBRACE seen in an an­tique mirror leads to exciting drama ... A wonderful woman has some amazing BRAIN WAVES ... A pretty little PROVERB packs a load of death . . . A pallid painting gets a violent RETOUCHING ... A reckless young man shops for a radio and meets a VIOLENT DEATH.