DELL MAPBACK: The Case if the Seven Sneezes [Paper Back] by Anthony Boucher


A DELL MAPBOOK by Anthony Boucher
CATEGORY Crime/Mystery 
PUBLICATION Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
EDITION Paper Back


What this mystery is about

. . . THREE SLIT THROATS which poured a libation for a wedding party 25 years ago . . . A DEAD CAT which augurs fresh and terrible murder at a sliver wedding anniversary . . . SEVEN SNEEZES which convince a detective his presence may be necessary at the anniversary party . . . A vanishing MOTORBOAT that leaves twelve persons marooned on an island . . . A DARK TAIN in the sand at which a woman stare with unholy fascination . . . A SAND-FILLED SOCK which is getting to be a monotonous prelude to murder . . . A LETTER significant because it was never read aloud . . . A MANS BLOOD on the front of a frilly pink negligee . . .  A DRIPPING PIECE OF GLASS clenched in a laughing womans hand . . . A STAB where a mans heart ought to be but isnt . . . A great deal of PUZZLING BEHAVIOR . . . Plenty of BLOOD-CURDLING SUSPENSE.