DELL MAPBACK: The Death of a Worldly Woman [Paper Back] by A. B. Cunningham


A DELL MAPBOOK by A. B. Cunningham
CATEGORY Crime/Mystery 
PUBLICATION Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
EDITION Paper Back

What this mystery is about-

. . . A pert and beautiful SOPHISTICATE done to death in her locked apartment in a locked building ... Little TABLETS of danger and death in the hands of happily playing youngsters . . .  A terrifying BALL OF FIRE ... A curious Mexican COMB beside the body ... A NOTE entirely out of place in'an abstract in a lockbox ... A furtive and sadistic PEEPING TOM .. . A DEADLY ASSAULT which gives way to an even more mur­derous assault ... A strange TRAIL followed by a hunting dog into an apartment building . . . A book on AMATEUR PHO­TOGRAPHY which plays its part in murder ... A TORN PHOTO­GRAPH carefully pieced together ... A thin pancake of DRIED MUD which tells a strange tale ... The handle of a BUTCHER KNIFE standing like a stake in a dead man's chest . . .