DELL MAPBACK: The Wall [Paper Back] by Mary Roberts Rinehart


A DELL MAPBOOK by Mary Roberts Rinehart
CATEGORY Crime/Mystery 
PUBLICATION Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
EDITION Paper Back

What this mystery is about

. . . A gilt INITIAL from the sweatband of a mans hat, found on the beach . . . HOUSE BELLS which ring mysteriously without human agency . . . A HATCHET which nobody recognises, lying on the floor of a locked room . . . a brown COAT BUTTON found in a bed of a trampled peonies at the foot of a trellis . . . A sodden COGARETTER CASE brought up from the bottom of a lake . . . The WATER-LOGGED BODY of a beautiful woman hastily but carefully buried in a shallow grave . . . A haunting FEAR in the eyes of a selfish and beautiful woman . . . A SLEEPWALKER who has been knocked unconscious and then tenderly disposed upon a pillow . . . SCRATCHES on Eagle Rock on the edge of a Loon Lake . . . A womans BODY floating face down in the bay . . . An empty MOUSE CAGE in a nursey sickroom . . . An advertisement of PEKINGESE PUPS in an unidentified newspaper . . . A paint-spotted HANKERCHEIF fished out of the bay with a hook and line . . . A GOLD CLUB half buried on a hillside, with grisly evidence that it has been used to commit murder.