Discworld Diary 2015: We R Igors [Hard Cover] by Terry Pratchett

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A NOVELLA by Terry Pratchett

Hard Cover - ISBN 9781473208315 [£10]


One part diary, one part guide to the arcane practices of the funniest creation in modern fantasy, 100% Discworld goodness. With their trademark mix of cultural ephemera, background detail and hilarious one-liners, the Discworld diaries are back. And what better way to start than with the unsung heroes of the Discworld?

Without these stoic, selfless heroes, the movers and shakers of the Discworld would not move and shake nearly as much. While the Great and Good of Ankh-Morpork take the headlines, these quietly competent minions toil away in the background doing all of the actual work. They all hail from the same clan, which originates in the far flung region of Überwald, and no self-respecting mad scientist would be seen dead (or, for that matter, undead) with them.

They are, of course, the Igors, and we're confident this behind-the-scenes look at their day-to-day life will have you in ... ahem ... stitches.

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Product Code 9.78E+12
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