Eerie. 1951. No 1. (British Edition)



Eerie. 1951. No 1.

CONDITION.  Very Good.

GENRE. Fantasy and horror.

PUBLISHER. Thorpe and Porter.

This UK edition is of great historical importance in Britain's anti- comic campaign. started by George Pumphrey. In fact, the very 1st issue was the first horror comic Pumphrey had seen and it prompted him to start the campaign which resulted in the banning of such horror comic's in  the UK. This comic book was denounced in the House of Commons in 1952 and Pumphreys "Guide to Parents and Teachers 1956" cites stories from this compilation, a derivative of Avon's publication in the US. Because parents were encouraged to destroy such offensive horror comic's, and since this comic was specifically lambasted only a few copies have survived.


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