Extrasolar [hardcover] edited by Nick Gevers

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ANTHOLOGY edited by Nick Gevers
EDITION  Unsigned  Hardcover
ISBN  978-1-786361-71-1 [£30]

About the book
Among the brilliant visionary scenarios in Extrasolar: military antagonists meet in the atmosphere of a gas giant; gifted children hijack a starship to search out a new home; a superjovian world yields mysterious and much-coveted gemstones; aliens find our solar system disconcertingly paradoxical; a feminist SF writer of the Seventies crafts liberating exoplanetary dreams; the habitats aboard a gargantuan spaceship cater to the needs of truly exotic aliens; and scientists eagerly seeking exoplanets confront a devastating truth. And then there are songs of home and far away and bitter exile; intelligence calling to intelligence across light years and species barriers; utterly immersive dives into perilous planetary atmospheres; brave responses to enigmatic messages from the stars; a machine embracing a Gothic destiny; and a truly different kind of space opera.

Here's the line up:

  • Holdfast Alastair Reynolds
  • Shadows of Eternity Gregory Benford
  • A Game of Three Generals Aliette de Bodard
  • The Bartered Planet Paul Di Filippo
  • Come Home Terry Dowling
  • The Residue of Fire Robert Reed
  • Thunderstone Matthew Hughes
  • Journey to the Anomaly Ian Watson
  • Canoe -- Nancy Kress
  • The Planet Woman By M.V. Crawford Lavie Tidhar
  • Arcturean Nocturne Jack McDevitt
  • Life Signs Paul McAuley
  • The Fall of the House of Kepler Ian R. MacLeod
  • The Tale of the Alcubierre Horse Kathleen Ann Goonan


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