Forever Twilight 1 - Darkness Darkness [Hardcover] by Peter Crowther

Product code: LEGACY

A NOVELLA by Peter Crowther
COVER ART Vincent Chong



Zombie monsters struck from the mold of countless drive-in B movies supply mayhem and gore in this first volume of a projected SF-horror series. Their onslaught is heralded one day by a predawn flash of unearthly light that cuts off middle-American everyville Jesman's Bend from communication with the outside world. When four employees of local radio station KMRT investigate, they find the town mysteriously depopulated, apparently in the middle of regular morning routines. Familiar folk reappear shortly afterward, all wearing concealing sunglasses and gloves and driven by malignant alien motives revealed when they descend en masse upon the terrified foursome. British author Crowther (The Longest Single Note) evokes a range of creepy cinema classics, including Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Night of the Living Dead to set his story's mood. What he doesn't do is provide much of a plot, opting instead to pad the slim narrative with drawn-out scenes of the splattery siege of the radio station. By the novel's end, it's still not clear what has caused the weird transformation of the town's citizens and why the heroes have been spared

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Product Code LEGACY
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