Four Rode Out [Signed Jacketed Hard Cover] by Tim Curran . . .


A NOVELLA by Tim Curran, Brian Keene, Tim Lebbon and Steve Vernon
PUBLICATION Cemetery Dance
ARTWORK by Glenn Chadbourne

Jacketed Hard Cover signed by the authors ISBN - 978-1-58767-221-7 [£30]


Welcome to the West as wild as you never imagined.

Four of the toughest and most terrifying authors of horror and hooraw have banded together to create a quartet of wicked weird west novellas.

Brian Keene's "An Occurrence in Crazy Bear Valley" is a nasty look at a pack of cutthroat outlaws who find they've placed their boots into a bear trap of their own devising.

Tim Lebbon's "Another Hope" is the tale of a town besieged in a valley of unholy and ageless shadow.

Tim Curran's "Skull-Eater Campaign" will take traders on the trail of a fearsome cannibal band  right to the end of the trail and a little bit further.

Steve Vernon's "Rueful Regret" will let you know just how far one man will go to avenge a wrong done to him by another.

Greed and guilt, creatures and fiends, spurs and skulls, cold blooded gunplay and hot blooded horror.

The west is weirder than you've ever dreamed....