Gilbert and Edgar on Mars [Hardcover] by Eric Brown

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A NOVELLA by Eric Brown
CATEGORY Science Fiction



G.K. Chesterton, rotund raconteur, fantastical novelist, literary journalist, paradoxical poet and prolific short story writer, penned more than a hundred books in his lifetime as well as countless articles and essays on every subject under the sun—but only now can his travels across the face of the Red Planet be revealed.

In this exuberant novella Eric Brown recounts Chesterton's astounding adventures on Mars, his meeting with Edgar Rice Burroughs and his treatment at the hands of the mysterious Six Philosophers. As G.K witnesses apparition after apparition of the bizarre and the extraterrestrially exotic, reality itself increasingly breaks down, and his most cherished beliefs are seemingly contradicted and inverted. In the face of this, all the great author can draw on is his fundamental strength of character and his faith . . .
Why has Chesterton been whisked away from planet Earth—and will he ever return?

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Product Code LEGACY
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