Ice & Other Stories [signed hardcover] by Candas Jane Dorsey

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A COLLECTION  by Candas Jane Dorsey
CATEGORY Science Fiction
PUBLICATION DATE  September 2018
COVER ART  Mitchell Stuart

Unsigned Jacketed Hardcover — ISBN  978-1-786363-51-0 [£20]
100 JHC signed by Candas Jane Dorsey  — ISBN 978-1-786363-52-7 [£40]

Beginning with the iconic 1988 story "(Learning About) Machine Sex" and ending with a new tale written specially for this volume, Ice gathers thirty years of the dazzlingly imaginative short fiction of Candas Jane Dorsey, who, as writer, editor, publisher, writing teacher, reviewer, anthologist, and essayist, has had a dramatic and formative effect on Canadian literary, queer and feminist speculative fiction since her debut story was published in 1977.
In Ice:
An alienated would-be assassin makes a hobby of destroying drowned skyscrapers...
A stolen child trained to kill discovers an alternative...
A detective fails to save her digital daughter from a predator...
A city becomes a museum under the curation of a bored former space-traveller...
An abuse survivor discovers the shocking pain that underlies an ambitious personal art project...
A tough, hard-boiled poet laureate tracks down a lost raison-d'être...
A bridge of virtual birds leads a shape-shifting futurist into a turbulent landscape of love, e-mail spam, and money...
These are only a few of the scenarios brought to edgy, literate, evocative life in this landmark collection.


  • (Learning About) Machine Sex
  • Sleeping in a Box
  • Here Be Dragons
  • Turtles All the Way Down
  • Dvorzjak Symphony
  • Death of a Dream
  • Living in Cities
  • Going Home to Baïblanca
  • Mapping
  • Ice
  • How Many Angels Can Dance
  • Locks
  • Once upon a time...
  • Blood from a Stone
  • Mom and Mother Teresa
  • …the darkest evening of the year…
  • A Trade in Futures
  • Seven in a Boat, No Dog
  • First Contact
  • Dolly the Dog-Soldier
  • The Food of My People
  • End of the Line, or, Desperate Russian Girls Looking for Love
  • Notes and acknowledgements


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