Our Story Begins [Hardcover] by Tobias Wolff




A BOOK by Tobias Wolff
PUBLICATION Knopf Publishing

Hardcover - ISBN 9780747597278  [£10]

Tobias Wolffs first two books, In the Garden of the North American Martyrs and Back in the World, were a powerful demonstration of how the short story can provoke our amazed appreciation, as The New York Times Book Review wrote then. In the years since, hes written a third collection, The Night in Question, as well as a pair of genre-defining memoirs (This Boys Life and In Pharaohs Army), the novella The Barracks Thief, and, most recently, a novel, Old School.

Now he returns with fresh revelationsabout biding ones time, or experiencing first love, or burying ones motherthat come to a variety of characters in circumstances at once everyday and extraordinary: a retired Marine enrolled in college while her son trains for Iraq, a lawyer taking a difficult deposition, an American in Rome indulging the Gypsy whos picked his pocket. In these stories, as with his earlier, much-anthologized work, he once again proves himself, according to the Los Angeles Times,a writer of the highest order: part storyteller, part philosopher, someone deeply engaged in asking hard questions that take a lifetime to resolve.


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