Over the River and Through the Woods[Jacketed Hard Cover] by Clifford D. Simak


COLLECTION by Clifford D. Simak
CATEGORY Science Ficiton 

Jacketed Hard Cover - ISBN 096483202X [£10]


Over the River and Through the Woods takes its stories from the second half of Simaks career, a time when his work had fully matured and he was at the top of his form.

Like Ray Bradburys, many of Simaks best stories incorporate the rural Midwest of his childhood. His work, gentle and often pastoral, stresses the Midwestern values of individualism, compassion, and hard work. Yet something unusual always lurks just below the surface, waiting to make its presence felt. Perhaps because harder, crueler visions of the future have increased in popularity over the years, Simaks fictions are refreshingly charming when compared with much of todays science fiction.