PERFECT 10 BUNDLE - (ALL Signed & Numbered)

This 10 book offer contains over £380 worth of HARDCOVER books for just £49.99

This has to be our best value bundle yet. No rejects or defects and all the books are signed by the contributors. All are numbered, so no PC copies, and all—barring the odd very minor signs of warehouse wear—are in very good condition.

We've covered all areas of genre fiction, so there is a good selection of Horror, SF, Fantasy and other dark fiction in novella, novel, collection and anthology form.

The bundles are available for just £49.99 + postage and we've made sure they all go in one 5kg box to save on postage. If you order two boxes we'll try and ensure you get a different mix but there is no way we can do this for more. Many of the titles are down to the last few copies and so once gone are irreplaceable.

Please note: The product image is for display purposes only and the make-up of each bundle may differ with some old, some new. We will choose the books but many of the titles have not been offered on PS2 before. So expect the unexpected.

Brand PS Publishing
Condition New
Weight 6kg