Popcorn [Jacketed Hard Cover] by Ben Elton

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A NOVEL by Ben Elton
PUBLICATION Thomas Dunne Books

Jacketed Hard Cover ISBN 9780312169657 [£10]

Bruce Delamitri makes movies about killers. Great movies, stylish movies. Not the usual slasher garbage that recoups its budget with a blood-and-boobs video sleeve. Bruce's movies are hip. Post-modern cinematic milestones, dripping with ironic juxtaposition. His killers are style icons. They walk cool; they talk cool. Getting shot by one of them would be a fashion statement. Enter Wayne and Scout. Real killers. Appalling, demented maniacs who kill people they do not know. One night, one Oscar-winning night, when Bruce has the world at his feet, Wayne and Scout hijack his life. They have decided that it is time Bruce faced up to his responsibilities. Fact confronts fiction in the heart of Beverly Hills and a terrible siege begins...

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Product Code 9.78E+12
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