Postscripts #32/33 Far Voyager [hardcover] Ed by Nick Gevers

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AN ANTHOLOGY edited by Nick Gevers
EDITION Jacketed Hardcover
FRONT COVER ART Phillip Simpson
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ISBN 978-1-848638-56-3

The latest bumper Postscripts anthology, with new stories from twenty nine of today’s finest speculative fiction writers:

Michael Swanwick — 3 A.M. in the Mesozoic Bar
Andrew Jury — Dear Miss Monroe
Mel Waldman — The Case of the Barking Man
Andrew Drummond — One Hundred Thousand Demons and the Cherub of Desire
Darrell Schweitzer — An American Story
Rio Youers — Sister Free
Tom Alexander — A Little Off the Top
Ian Sales — Far Voyager
Mel Waldman — Sweetheart, I Love You
Angela Slatter — Winter Children
Lisa L. Hannett — A Girl of Feather and Music
Alan Baxter — Thirty-Three Tears to a Teaspoon
Angie Rega — The Rusalka Salon for Girls Who Like to Get Their Hair Wet
Suzanne J. Willis — The Psychometrist
Paul Park — The Mermaid and the Fisherman
Kurt Dinan — Plink
Mel Waldman — Darkscapes:Three Journeys to the Night Side
Quentin S.Crisp — Sea Angels
Darren Speegle — Xaro
Richard Calder — We Are Not Alone
Thana Niveau — The Curtain
Gary A. Braunbeck — What Once Was Bone
Bruce Golden — Services Rendered
Gio Clairval — Playground
Robert Reed — GW in the Afterlife
Andrew Hook — Eskimo
Mark Reece — Talk in Riddles
Gary Fry — With Friends Like These
Ian Watson — An Inspector Calls
Mel Waldman — Confessions
Alison Littlewood — A Legion of Echoes
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