Ramsey Campbell, Probably [trade paperback] by Ramsey Campbell

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A COLLECTION OF ESSAYS  by Ramsey Campbell
EDITION Trade Paperback
COVER ART Glenn Chadbourne
INTRODUCTION Douglas E. Winter
AFTERWORD Ramsey Campbell
ISBN  978-1-786364-70-8

RAMSEY CAMPBELL, PROBABLY, originally published by PS back in 2002 (and subsequently as a DIP trade paperback in 2015) since which time the author has expanded some of the essays, added others and generally tinkered around with the running order . . . as is his wont. Thus the original 140,000-or-so words compiled from Ramsey’s non-fiction of three decades have been considerably (and entertainingly) expanded to represent getting on for a full half-a-century of Campbelliana now well in excess of 150,000 words.

The subjects range from the perils of authorship to the delights of amateur fiction and film, from drugs to nightmares, from the Highgate Vampire to the Dracula Society’s marching song. Friends are remembered and so is Mary Whitehouse. A seminal study of schoolgirl spanking is brought up to date. Many thoughts on the history of horror fiction are included. And, at last, it is revealed why Harlan Ellison® is responsible.

May the reader variously laugh, weep, ponder, disagree and turn uneasily in bed. Time for another taster—boy, we really do spoil you folks!
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