The Demon's Lexicon [Paperback] by Sarah Rees Brennan



A NOVEL by Sarah Rees Brennan
PUBLICATION Simon & Schuster

Paper Back - ISBN 9781847382894 [£3]

Sixteen-year-old Nick and his brother, Alan, are always ready to run. Their father is dead, and their mother is crazyshe screams if Nick gets near her. Shes no help in protecting any of them from the deadly magicians who use demons to work their magic. The magicians want a charm that Nicks mother stoleand they want it badly enough to kill. Alan is Nicks partner in demon slaying and the only person he trusts in the world. So things get very scary and very complicated when Nick begins to suspect that everything Alan has told him about their father, their mother, their past, and what they are doing is a complete lie. . . .