The Girl with the Peacock Harp [Jacketed Hard Cover] by Michael Eisele

Product code: 978-1-905784-89-9

COLLECTION by Michael Eisele
PUBLICATION Tartarus Press

Jacketed Hard Cover ISBN - 978-1-905784-89-9 [£35]


The fifteen strange stories that comprise this stunning debut collection range over the fantastic, the supernatural and the psychological. In An Old Tale, a young ballet student discovers hope beyond the barriers of death. The Music tells of a violinist who must face the ghosts of his past; and those ghosts are brought to life in The Beginning. In Gloria and the Selchie a modern Irish girl discovers that the stories her old granny told her are all too true, while in The Lighthouse, a retired sea captain falls in love. What Dreams May Come moves the scene to modern day Manhattan, as an advertising executive is haunted by dreams of a giant raptor. In Sanity, the boundary between delusion and reality becomes a battlefield between a patient and her therapist. Rolf takes the reader to the world of the medieval mason, and a strange apprenticeship. The Change concerns the legend of the were-wolf from an unusual point of view, and in The Kelpie, a novice mage learns the true extent of her powers.

Michael Eiseles stories entertain, entrance and delight in equal measure.

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Product Code 978-1-905784-89-9
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