The Night Cache[Hardcover] by Andy Duncan

Product code: LEGACY

A NOVELLE by Andy Duncan


From Andy Duncan, master of the Southern tall tale, author of the acclaimed Beluthahatchie, a new novelette about lesbian love, cryptography, and signals from beyond the grave...

When Jenny, lowly cashier for a certain major book store chain, flirts with female customers, it is not in the expectation of lasting romance. But at last one of them reciprocates sincerely, and a deep love is born, as if predestined, and indeed Jenny's new lover is called Destiny, Destiny Creech, initiate in an eccentric subculture that hunts carefully concealed caches by means of GPS readings, coded co-ordinates, and oddball intuition. The happiness of the two persists for a time, but when death sunders the partnership, the living and the departed must find one another again, and now the clues are cryptic indeed...

The Night Cache is Andy Duncan at his witty best, and a fine foretaste of his upcoming collection from PS Publishing, The Pottawatomie Giant and other Stories.

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Product Code LEGACY
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