The Oligarchs: Money and Power in Capitalist Russia [Paperback] by Claes Ericson




BOOK by Claes Ericson 
CATEGORY Non-Fiction
PUBLICATION Stockholm Text

Paperback - ISBN 978-91-87173-26-4 [£3]


The Oligarchs is the dramatic but serious story about how a small group of young entrepreneurs could become some of the worlds richest men and get control of the president of a fallen super-power in the process. The story of two decades filled with fateful power struggles and fascinating destinies, including the days of glory for the Russian mafia and the daring privatization projects in the 1990s, as well as the state capitalism and exploding growth of corruption in the 2000s. The story about how capitalism took over Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The story about Russia's transition from planned to market economy. The story about extreme money and power. The story about the worlds boldest capitalist experiment. Reading The Oligarchs will give a better understand for Russia's political and economic situation today, nearly twenty years after its birth, as well as the fundamentals of capitalism's strengths and weaknesses in general. The Oligarchs is richly illustrated with more than eighty photographs. Twenty of the most influential oligarchs are portrayed in detail.


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