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The Réparateur of Strasbourg [hc] by Ian R. MacLeod

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​​​​​​A NOVELLA by Ian R. MacLeod
EDITION Hardcover

COVER ART Christopher Walker
PRINT RUN unsigned

ISBN  978-1-848636-47-7

My name, Ezekiel, is Ariadne. And I have a commission to ask of you . . .

A beautiful woman arrives at dusk at the workshop of a réparateur, or restorer, of religious objects set high amid the rooftops of a great cathedral city. She wants him to paint her portrait. But not as she is, or at least how she seems, but as she might appear many years into the future. So, against the looming backdrop of the French Revolution, a strange yet oddly touching relationship evolves.

The Réparateur of Strasbourg twists history and the supernatural into a darkly beautiful tale of love and obsession, and takes the reader on the journey of one man’s life toward a tumultuous conclusion.