The Shadow of Mr Vivian [hardcover by Peter Berresford Ellis

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The Life of E. Charles Vivian (1882–1947)

A BIOGRAPHY by Peter Berresford Ellis
EDITION Jacketed Hardcover
COVER ART Michael Smith
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ISBN  978-1-848637-83-2


E Charles Vivian (1882–1947) was one of the most prolific popular writers of the 1920s and 1930s. Acclaimed for his fantasy and detective stories by fellow writers such as Dorothy L. Sayers and Eden Phillpotts, he also wrote under other pseudonyms. Only after his death was he revealed to be ‘Jack Mann’ whose supernatural detective series is still highly praised and reprinted.

After his death Vivian’s work fell into obscurity and even the facts of his life were lost. This first biography has been a work of detection in itself as the writer managed to track down Vivian’s real name and finally contact his daughter and family, discovering the reason why Vivian’s estate did not promote his work after his death.

Vivian became editor of Hutchinson’s Adventure Story Magazine and Mystery Story Magazine. He published ninety-five titles mainly as E. Charles Vivian, Jack Mann, even his own name Charles Cannell, and some dubious western novels as Barry Lynd.