The Sign in the Moonlight [SIGNED Hard Cover] by David Tallerman

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COLLECTION by David Tallerman

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Hard Cover signed by the author - ISBN 978-1-910935-15-6 [£15]

Steeped in the rich imagery of Victoriana, The Sign of the Moonlight recalls the very best of classic horror and adventure. Reminiscent of Machan, Conan Doyle, Lovecraft, M.R. James and H.G. Wells, these stories transport us to an age when the world still harbours dark mysteries that defy human knowledge and understanding.

From the wind-swept peaks of the Himalayas to the desperate horror of the trenches, from the stuffy warmth of gentlemens clubs to the haunted corridors of country hotels, the author challenges us to venture with him into realms where only the brave dare tread  
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Product Code 978-1-910935-15-6
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