The Wrack Line [hardcover] Robert Edric

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A NOVELLA by Robert Edric
CATEGORY  Supernatural Horror
PUBLICATION DATE  September 2016
COVER ART Valerie Sims

An isolated stretch of the North Sea coast. A place of endless tides and shifting sands. A place of blurred boundaries, where land, sea and sky merge into seamless, unknowable patterns, and where every calm surface conceals its unexpected, turbulent depths.

A man arrives to spend the overheated summer in an abandoned chalet. Adrift in his own faltering life, he slowly embraces the failed and struggling world in which he unexpectedly finds himself, existing in a kind of limbo between an unfulfilled past and an uncertain future, the days and weeks merging into a season of restless abandonment as he allows himself to be drawn into the deceptively powerful currents of the place.

Clearly drawing from the stories of both M. R. James and Algernon Blackwood, The Wrack Line examines the disorder, apprehension and, ultimately, the fear which forever lies beneath the calmest and most ordinary of surfaces. It is a tale of lost conviction and squandered expectation, and one in which the briefest glance of a shape in the evaporating mist or a handful of fine, warm sand trickling through trembling fingers is equal to any other horror of the world, dreamed, imagined or real.
Robert Edric was born in 1956. his novels include Winter Garden (James Tait Black Prize winner 1986), A New Ice Age (runnerup for the Guardian Fiction Prize 1986), The Book of the Heathen (winner of the Wh Smith Literary Award 2000), Peacetime (longlisted for the Booker Prize 2002), Gathering the Water (longlisted for the Booker Prize 2006), and three linked novels about crime: Cradle Song, Siren Song and Swan Song. He is one of the most critically admired novelists of his
generation. his novel, In Zodiac Light, based on the life of the WWI composer and poet Ivor Gurney was shortlisted for the 2010 International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. The London Satyr was selected as one of the 2011 Fiction Uncovered titles.


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