When the Crow Cries [Paperback] by Maxine Ridge




A NOVELLA by Maxine Ridge
PUBLICATION Stairwell Books 2014

Trade Paperback ISBN - 978-1-939269-23-2 [£3]

What would you do if you found a doorway to another world?

When Robyn becomes friends with Victoria, James and Elliot they show her how to reach higher and further than she could ever imagine. It all seems fun at first. The greatest adventure of their lives. But something darker is stirring in the other world. It's getting harder to leave. 

Breaking the barriers across time and space may be fun at first but the key to get back is lost and they can't get home until that moment When the Crow Cries.

Maxine Ridge delivers a strong opening to her Two Worlds trilogy with an extraordinary take on time and place providing a compelling commentary on innocence and experience, knowledge and discovery that compels the reader to keep on reading, to the unexpected ending.

This is the book you will not put down.


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